Monday, January 17, 2005


White-Out conditions here in Ithaca--blowing snow. Eight new inches by tomorrow morning. Expected wind chills of minus 20 tonight. Expected high today of 15 with 15-20 mph winds.
So, where's my eldest daughter? Snowboarding.
Where am I? Not at work. Got three miles from home and decided I didn't owe the university my life and I'd be much happier at home, under a blanket, writing. Which is where I'm headed now.


FunkyB said...

I'm sure you'll find this less than amusing, but I live in Florida and it was a nippy 30degrees last night. I am currently suffering from tropical freeze. I moved to Florida because of the lovely weather, and I turned into one of those insufferable people who complain about weather that would make most people break out the shorts.
P.S. I'm under a blankie too.

1138 said...

My sister heads back to Corning from the Orlando area Thursday, maybe things will moderate for both regions after she arrives there.