Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Torture is moral equivalent of cheerleading

Farce is part of the defense being offered in the Graner court martial. The defendant's lawyer has to be quoted to be believed:
The lawyer defending him at the court martial in Texas, Guy Womack, said: "Don't cheerleaders all over America make pyramids every day?" He added: "It's not torture."

Mr Womack said photos showing detainees in degrading acts at Abu Ghraib were part of a plan to force information from prisoners and that government officials blamed his client only after the pictures set off outrage around the world.

This is really special:
Defense attorney Womack, a retired Marine, said using a tether was a valid method of controlling detainees, especially those who might be soiled with feces.
"You're keeping control of them. A tether is a valid control to be used in corrections," he said. "In Texas we'd lasso them and drag them out of there." He compared the leash to the tethers that some parents place on their toddlers while in shopping malls.

I've spoken at length in previous posts about torture. I can't say another word right now.

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FunkyB said...

As the self-imposed Queen of Justification, I must say this takes the cake. While I am personally opposed to leashing kids at the mall, I can't recall EVER seeing them leashed NAKED at the mall, covered in feces excreted in fear.

Oh that I had a louder mouth and bigger stick.