Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Let me tell ya a story 'bout a man named Jeb

Governor Jeb has defended hiring the plagiarist with an addiction to porn. Apparently, the entire Bush clan is infected with this sort of blind spot to hypocrisy. They create these categories of sin for the rest of us, violate the categories, and don't get held accountable while continuing to insist that everyone else has to live by those rules. As long as one of their own does it, it's okay. Rush couldn't help his addiction to Oxycontin or his multiple divorces; O'Reilly doesn't know a loofah from a falafel; oh crap. I don't even want to go through the list--at this point, there's too many. But goddamnit, why don't they ever get called on their bullshit?


Sheryl said...

I recall going to a lecture on influencing the media at a state democratic convention once. They told us that what you need to do is pre-write the stories for them. Since everyone is under funky deadlines to get something out, they slightly revise the press releases and call that news.

My guess is that they get by with a lot just by always having press releases to hand lazy journalists.

I also saw a media discussion group where they defended protecting leakers on the grounds that that was how they got most of their information.. It's great to depend on leakers when you have a legitimate two party system with a balance of powers, but once again, it's A) lazy journalism and B) it doesn't work when you no longer have that balance of power in the system.

lorraine said...

It's true about the press releases, Sheryl. If you write a press release correctly, you'll see the whole thing reproduced verbatim in the local paper. Which is why things like "Spinwatch" are so important--they're really good at tracking when corporate press releases are being presnented as hard news.