Wednesday, January 19, 2005

What was Obama thinking?

Senate Foreign Relations committee rubber-stamped Condi Rice today. Only Senators Kerry and Boxer opposed her. (I hope Boxer runs for president in 2008.)
Democrats who voted for Rice:
Paul Sarbanes
Chris Dodd
Russ Feingold
Bill Nelson
Barack Obama

So much for a party of opposition. It's never too early to roll onto your back and offer up your belly. I'm most surprised by Obama and Feingold. Feingold, because he has taken some courageous stands in the past, and Obama, because he's supposed to be the "great hope" of the party. Below is the short note I sent to Obama via his Senate Web contact page.

Dear Senator Obama,
My hope for the Democratic party is that it will finally learn to stand up for those of us who don't have financial interests in Iraq, and who want to bring home our sons and daughters from a disastrous war. Your vote today to confirm Condi Rice as Secretary of State is an enormous disappointment. I am hopeful that you will take courageous stands. This, alas, was not one of those moments.
Lorraine Berry


J.R. Boyd said...

Unfortunately, nobody gets to be President by taking courageous stands.

1138 said...

You've got that right - the evidence is in the White House (or his play ranch).