Sunday, January 30, 2005

Control Freaks

Well, the Anti-Choice forces are at it again. They're trying to push through the Senate a bill that would make driving a teenaged girl across state lines to get an abortion punishable by up to a year in jail. Never mind the fact that there are entire states now where it's impossible to have an abortion performed; what's important to the anti-choice forces is that the teenaged girl who dares to get pregnant needs to be punished. And if she enlists the aid of an adult who wants to help her, well, that adult should be punished, too.

It's being couched in terms of parental notification laws. I'm sorry, but speaking as a mother, I still say my teenager is entitled to her right to privacy. Do I hope that if she finds herself in a difficult situation she'll talk to me about it? Of course. But she also knows that I've never laid a hand on her, and am not likely to hit her no matter what she has to tell me. That's not the case for many children in this country.

Forcing someone to remain pregnant when she does not want to be is an act of terrorism.


Some Guy said...

I totally agree with you. I just hope the radical right can't get too far with this. On a related topic, here in Idaho they've decided to pass a state constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage or anything that resembles it, on the grounds that it is bad for children. OK, I can live with that, sort of. However, the same group of Bible thumpers' next agenda item: outlawing divorce except in the case of physical abuse. So what is the likely outcome? If a person wants to get divorced, they'll have to start beating their spouse. Great idea. And if you don't have the stomach to beat your wife (or husband) you'll just have to stay married and have your kids grow up in a totally dysfunctional home. Yeah, that's much better for them. Sometimes I just want to move to somewhere normal. Wherever that is.

FunkyB said...

What what WHAT???? I KNEW it as too good to be true... I read an interview with Shrub the other day and he SAID he wasn't going to push the pro-life agenda... that it was (paraphrasing) a fact of life that abortion will always be available.

Why why WHY did I let him sing me to sleep again? Alrighty then... I'll chug on some caffeine and get back to work.

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