Sunday, January 16, 2005

The FDA and CWA

Conservatives claim that making Plan B contraceptives available will encourage teenagers to have sex. Yawn. Same old stupid arguments we've been hearing for years. The FDA is considering, again, whether to make Plan B available without a prescription. Why is this even a debate?

The Waxman Report showed that so-called abstinence education presents misleading information as scientific fact. The US has the the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the Western world. Why? Because we're scared to death of sex and thus refuse to empower young women with the education that could prevent pregnancy.

But it's not just teens. Plan B works. I know this from personal experience. I also know that as with yeast infections, the common cold, and heartburn, most of us know when we need to go to the doctor and when we don't. If I've had sex close to ovulation, it's my fucking prerogative to take a pill and prevent pregnancy. And I shouldn't have to pay for an emergency office visit to get it.

But this is not about teenagers or me, for that matter. This is about those twits who still think that woman's only purpose in life is to be a baby-maker. If a woman can regulate her own fertility, she can control at least one aspect of her life. And I'm sure that's just too dick-shriveling for certain men to think about.


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