Thursday, January 06, 2005

Time to Discuss the Dry Drunk in the WH

Great entry today over at The Left Coaster about Bush's refusal to hear bad news. It seems that he only wants to hear what's going right, and everything else be damned.

I'm in dangerous territory here. There are certain traditions that I need to be careful not to violate, but my guess is that GWB, if he is in fact not still drinking, is attempting to stay sober by either not working any program at all, or by thinking that the second and third steps means that he gets to turn it all over to God and he doesn't have to do any work at all. I'm not sure which is worse.

The Twelve Steps is a program of recovery. It doesn't simply mean to quit drinking. If the addict works through these steps, he or she eventually realizes that life has to be accepted on its own terms--the good and the bad--and that we have a spiritual obligation to own our own shit and not blame others for it. Nowhere in the 12 Steps does it say that my god can beat up your god. Nowhere does it say that the way you deal with reality by denying it. And one thing's for damn sure. George is not working a tenth step. Proof? Remember the debates? He couldn't come up with a single mistake he's made during this presidency.

I have more to say about this....


Sheryl said...

I wonder if anyone has mentioned to him what happened in Congress today.

FunkyB said...

Fantastic! You get more than the obligatory golf clap. Outstanding insight. I'm barely awake this morning, but that was an eye-opening post. Brav-O.