Sunday, December 05, 2004

Lest We Forget


This is what hatred looks like.
This is what happens when hate-mongers in our culture are successful in their mission to dehumanize their brothers and sisters.
This is what happens when ordinary people allow themselves to get caught up in that hatred.
This is what happens when the Bible is quoted to justify the separation of the races, the subjugation of women, the denial of civil rights to gays and lesbians, holy war.
This is why we must not be silent.


GerManson said...

very agree

Sheryl said...

What's really disturbing is how casual some of them look about it. :(

1138 said...

And if anyone should think that thee KKK is a part of the past;

I had my life treatened by members of the Klan locally as recently as 1998 because I accidently uncovered some of thier operations.

Wikipedia has a fair entry, but fails to recognise that the second and third incarnations Klan as an organization moved into other organizations and continue to promote thier "Christian America" agenda.

I can't locate the references at the moment but I once saw figures that showed that at one time shortly before World War Two as many as 70% of white Americans belonged to the second incarnation.
Although the perception is that the Klan was anti negro, the truth was that they opposed anyone that was not ango protestant and were as likely to attack a protestant white as as a black catholic or jew.

The hate monster lies just beneath the skin of many of the people we encounter every day - it's a virulent beast that can infect people that left uninfected wouldn't harm a soul.

Sheryl said...

I can understand hate when you have had someone you love killed or something like that. But to have that much negative energy about someone just because they are different and perhaps because you have a pathetic life and use them as an excuse for all your problems. "If it weren't for the..., then we'd be...."

I can see how it could happen, but I have a hard time seeing how it can fester to quite that degree. There must be some extra ingredient beyond low self esteem that I am overlooking to make people that poisonous.

lorraine said...

This was one of my areas of research when I was a grad student. I'm going to post my thoughts on this when I get them settled.

Sheryl said...

I wrote a song about scapegoatism. Does that count?

lorraine said...

you bet.

Sheryl said...

So was your research on methods of projection or something like that? I look forward to your posting on the subject. That is interesting.

I need to see if the UN posted a permanent link for their seminar. I tried to stream it, but it wouldn't stream right for me. It was kind of weird because I could see channel 3, where a UN guard was just standing. Go figure.

Roberto Iza Valdes said...
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