Monday, December 13, 2004

The Fine Art of Oral Sex

Apparently, not content to destroy Iraq in a search for non-existent weapons of mass destruction, the army went looking elsewhere. And it found them: Blow jobs = explosions = evil.

But, in a ruling that declares non-procreative sex "natural," oral sex is once again okay.

Ms. Davis (below) must be blowing a gasket, but not her husband.

Tutorials on the delectable art of bringing one's partner to orgasm using one's mouth:
Going down

Giving head


1138 said...

Sex and the military has always been a touchy issue (pun intended). In a society like ours that has more hangups on sex than an slaughterhouse has meathooks it's no wonder we are more conflicted than most modern nations.

Back in 79 in Wiesbaden Germany Burger King built what was billed as a 'family' restaurant directly across the walkplatz (walking only, no vehicles street) from a very kinky sex shoppe around the corner from '50 mark strasse' (the local establishments of legal prostitution) - the German population was unphased - the wifes of American GI's were appalled.

Then again it was the Puritans that fled Europe to this country so that they could freely impose thier unique views of morality on others, so why should we be surprised.

Sheryl said...

Oral sex is frequently annoying. If I am horny, I'd rather just jump on board or be jumped on. It feels better, and you don't have to be so patient. Sorry if that's too crude; I'm just being blunt.

In terms of undermining "don't ask, don't tell." Once they reinstitute the draft, can't we all just declare ourselves gay?

lorraine said...

I'll just say that we disagree on the topic of oral sex. 'Nuff said. :)

Anonymous said...

Lorraine- This is the best blog entry of the year.

Bart said...

Lorraine and Sheryl...both of you become more interesting by the read.

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