Sunday, December 19, 2004

Best of 2004 survey

This is the first in a series. Today's topic: best cds of 2004. These were four I loved. What cds did you like? Why?

1. Postal Service Give UpSub Pop
Combine the sensitivity and intelligence of Death Cab for Cutie with aural candy, you get this gem.
2. Green Day American Idiot
This one has been on high rotation since the election. Maybe over-produced, but the lyrics and the melody have me stomping along in my car. Cathartic for those of us who woke up to a nightmare on November 3.
3. Patty Griffin Impossible Dream
No one carries a tune like Griffin and the starkness and beauty of the imagery in her lyrics will raise the hairs on the back of your neck. "Useless Desires" is my favourite track on this album.
4. Garden State Soundtrack
Yeah. I know. It's a compilation. But Zach Braff put together such a fabulous combination of tunes (except for Colin Hay's, which I skip every time). And he gave us Natalie Portman offering Braff music that would change his life: The Shins.

Okay. So I know P.S. came out in 2003--so sue me.


CrackerSnacker said...

My favorite cd of 2004 is defintley American Idiot by Green Day, some really good lyrics and they always come to Canada and put on a great show sometimes private shows that dont have more than a few hundred people..they really bring the house down.

Some Guy said...

I rather liked The Beatles Capitol albums re-release...but then again, I'm a dinosaur.

lorraine said...

I'm old enough to have listened to the original Capitol Beatles releases on 33. They were all released during my lifetime; I love older music, too, but I'm a huge fan of independent music.