Monday, December 20, 2004

8 am and -3F

Okay. It's cold.
Wanna know how cold? For those of you who don't know what below zero feels like, here are two things to know.

Snow SQUEAKS when you walk across it.
The hairs in your nose freeze when you breathe in. My temperature gauge over the past 11 years has revealed that this only happens at 0 or below, so when I walked out to my car and my nostrils started sealing shut, I came in and checked the temp. -3. -3. Minus fucking three.


gretathegreat said...

I stumbled across your blog purely on accident... but upon seeing your bashing on Bush/Cheney and wondering how anyone could vote for them.... I was forced to read on. I too have asked that question. Reading this particular post about the cold definately gave me a laugh. Living in Wisconsin I am all to familiar with the cold you mention. Except it's not negative three here. It's negative 13! said...

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