Friday, December 03, 2004

George W. Narcissus


He has now surrounded himself, of course, with a multitude of Echoes.



Sheryl said...

Bill Clinton was probably narcissistic as well, but then he was playing with a full deck as well.

When push comes to shove, Georgie is short and probably has a small appendage. People think he is stupid. He can't read. He bankrupted two companies. He only got into Yale cause his dad had connections. When he became President, his mom said she always figured it would be Jebb who'd be President. He's got a lot to compensate for. That's why I figure that he throws his weight around, because on some level he almost certainly knows what a pathetic loser he is.

The most honest and moving thing I saw in the Presidential debates was when both the candidates said that they had "married up." I genuinely got the impression that they both meant it.

I honestly think he is compensating for insecurities, but then so was Hitler and Napolean and a lot of other super short, small dicked guys. (Sorry if that sounded crude, but I am quite serious.)

I really like that painting you posted. Who is the artist?

lorraine said...

Caravaggio. Cool, huh?

Sheryl said...

Indeed! :) You have good taste, Lorraine. (Meaning: taste that appeals to me)

See if you like my favorite painting as well. It's the same sort of style. It's called "Soap Bubbles" by Jean Siméon Chardin. This scan is a bit dark, but you can mostly tell what it looks like from it: like both these pictures for the same sort of reasons. The reflection in the one you posted is sort of a statement of wonder and getting pleasure from little things in life. I also like the rococco-ish style in general. :)