Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Jesus Has Left the Building

My head has just exploded. There is nothing rational that can be said about the following article, other than to wish you a HAPPY SOLSTICE and hope that these people wind up having Christmas trees shoved up their asses in honor of the season.


Anonymous said...

Why are people rascist? Why do people hate? Why did Bush win the election? Why do people distort the wonderful truths in the bible for political purposes? Why should I ask why?

1138 said...

I keep warning these religious folks, if they keep pushing religion into government then government is going to obliged to push into religion.

One of the biggest farces of the last few decades is the one that this country was founded as a Christian nation.

If that were so we would not have defied and removed the King (who ruled by devine will) from power over the country and replaced him with a democratic republic, at the least we would have submitted this country to the Pope who predated the King.

Christian Nation my foot.

jo said...

But that's what Jesus would do. Didn't you read the part that said "Thou shalt have a hissy-fit over 'Season's Greetings'?"

I agree with George Carlin: tax the fuckers. These churches want to play politics, let 'em pay their entry fee like everybody else.