Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Idiot Report

I wasn't going to comment on these stories, but it's like shooting fish in a barrel.

Lodi (CA) School District considers allowing a "Crisis Pregnancy Center" to design its sex-ed curriculum.

Featuring such insights as "my mother was an idiot," and "if you don't want your teenage daughter to get pregnant, don't allow her to" Carl Worden shares his words of wisdom for befuddled parents.

This one may take the prize. A school district in Texas, concerned that its school isn't meeting science-curriculum standards, considers how to better educate its students about science. AT the same meeting , it decides to teach an ABSTINENCE-BASED sex education course in its (are you ready for this?) science courses.

ACLU is Anti-Christian.

Hate mongers look like Tom Selleck. Is there an editor at the Miami Herald?

My IQ temporarily dropped 20 points while I was reading this drivel, and I feel slimey. I think I'll go take a shower and see if I can coax my frontal lobes into working again.

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