Sunday, March 20, 2005


So, my poor personal blog is getting neglected because I've been asked to post on CultureKitchen, which I consider a big honour. I've also been posting alot at DailyKos, and perhaps most important of all, I've been working on the novel. But I will try to post something interesting here soon.

Go Huskies!! University of Washington men's bball team has made it to the Sweet 16!


FunkyB said...

My blog has been suffering too, but mostly because when I DO find the time to post something, Blogger decides to have a nervous breakdown! I'll check up on you on ALL your new homes. Congrats to you on getting your writing out there.

Snave said...

Although I am a University of Oregon Duck by nature, I am a big supporter of the Huskies hoops team this year. I want to see them go as far as they can. The way they played against Pacific, they might just make it to the Final Four!!

Are you a UW grad or Seattle-area resident? I used to live in Port Angeles, and I loved it there. I moved back to my home town of La Grande, OR because my parents live here, I'm their only kid, and my kids are their only grandkids. Now that my dad is getting frail, I'm especially glad to be here... but there were many a good time I had in Seattle on weekends with college friends who had moved there after finishing at Eugene.

The Puget Sound area is wonderful!

Some Guy said...

I notice that the U of O Ducks aren't playing this year, therefore I don't care about the whole thing. I guess I'm a fair weather fan.

Sheryl said...

I've been neglecting my blog as well. Sounds like it's contagious.

Meteor Blades said...

You're writing a novel, too? Jeez. I was. Once. Months ago. I hope yours is proceeding faster than mine.