Saturday, February 19, 2005

Who knew Koko was a breast man?

Koko the gorilla, likes looking at breasts. Wouldn't it have been cheaper to get him a subscription to Playboy?


Anonymous said...

Koko is a female.

lorraine said...

So get HER a subscription to Playboy. Maybe she's a lesbian.
Maybe I'm being flippant about this being in the news, other than that I think Koko's keepers may have some issues.

Tekky_Monster said...

I don't know who you are, but I LOVE the quote on your sub title. <3 the postal service :D

lorraine said...

Yes. I'm a huge fan of the Postal Service. And if they can make "Against All Odds" into a decent song, they can do anything.

FunkyB said...

Yeah for Koko! She's discovered her inner lesbian! Too bad she lives here... she'll never get to fully express her gorilla-self.

Sheryl said...

I'd let Koko see my tits for a $1 million.

Seems to me that people suing for such a high damages and making allegations like this should have to include lie detector test results when they file their lawsuit. Talk about frivalous lawsuits!!!

I mean damn. If I they were really asked to be topless for the gorilla and it bothered them, then why didn't they quit at that point? I think it's baloney.

Jane said...

Hmm...apparently they were asked to show Koko their nipples in an area where other employees could see, and then when they refused they were fired. I would be pretty miffed too if I were fired for refusing to go topless ;p.

P.S. Huzzah for the Postal Service!

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