Wednesday, February 23, 2005

No Dildoes for Alabama

The Supreme Court refused to rule today on the Eleventh Circuit Court's ruling that Alabama's banning of the sale of sex toys is constitutional. The ACLU's argument, that sex toys are covered under the right to privacy, was tacitly rejected by the Court in its refusal to take the case.

I've commented on this before. I'm sick as a dog right now, but I'm trying to pull my head together to write something about how it may be funnier than hell that Jim Bob isn't going to have to worry that his wife is getting orgasms from a vibrator, but really, this is a major invasion of the bedroom by the moral fascists who are trying to run the country at present.


jo said...

I think the world will join me in disappointment that we won't get to hear Nina Totenberg's velvet voice talking about dildos and Sandra Day O'Connor.

This court is just no fun.

jo said...

p.s. - feel better, babe.

FunkyB said...

I hope you feel better soon!

If they try to take my rabbit away, I will not go down (pun intended) without a fight.

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