Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Give and Take

Next week, I'm giving a reading on campus. It's in honour of Valentine's Day, and, as one professor has been promoting it on campus, "it's a warm-up for THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES." VM is being produced on campus the week following, so there's going to be much discussion about cunts on campus.

I'm going to read erotica to an audience comprising my colleagues and students. The president of our campus is a bit uptight, so either he's going to show up and get an education, or he's going to choose not to be in attendance. Either way, the show will go on.

I spent much of last night writing. The theme running through the piece I will be reading is about dominance and surrender. Not BDSM fantasies, but about the nature of love and the erotic, what it means to be penetrated, what it means to lose part of yourself inside another person's body.

If it goes quiet on the blog for a few days, you'll know that it's because I'm working. And it feels good. Like squeezing the seeds of the pomegranate between my teeth and feeling the burst on my tongue.


FunkyB said...

I have two wishes:

One, I wish I could be there!
Two, you break a leg!!!!

1138 said...

I suspect there might be an early spring in the southern tier this year.