Wednesday, February 23, 2005


After all the problems I've had with my cervical spine, I found this old picture of it. The human form is lovely, don't you think?
So why would we allow right wing nutjobs to tell us what we can do with our gorgeous instruments?


FunkyB said...

OH MY GOSH.... I would KILL for a shot of me that was half as gorgeous as that one of you!

1138 said...

I don't wanna sound wierd or nothin, but were you ever in the military?

There's something familiar and this picture re-enforced it, not in the way it might seem. It just reminded me of someone I played squash with once.

lorraine said...

Robin. You're silly. You are gorgeous.
Paul. No, never been in the military.
I have an inner ear infection. At the moment, my body is not a happy puppy. Back to bed I go.

Snave said...

As your speech-language-hearing specialist, I command you: be careful with your ears!

(I should talk. When my band practices every week I subject my poor ears to high dB levels... !)

Snave said...

Also, if you enjoy humorous music, there is a band called They Might Be Giants that recently released a CD called "The Spine". There are two short tunes on it called "Spine" and "Spines" that are absolutely hilarious!

tlaw said...

wonderful diary and beautiful back


Some Guy said...

Wow. I can't say anything but Wow. OK, I can say "goodness gracious" also, but I have to warm up to that.

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