Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Lest you think...

I only get my panties in a wad over Christian and Muslim fundamentalists, well, here's a shout-out to Hindus who apparently think the whole love thing is an abomination. Love causes anarchy. Love causes revolt. Love causes social unrest.
And while I may suck at love, I think it's a cool thing. So, commit an act of political and religious rebellion: fall in love.


Sheryl said...

Love is indeed good when it's based on things like friendship and shared passions. I think a lot of things get confused for love though.

Love is not a tug of war. Nor is it that rush you get when you meet someone who you think is smarter, more handsome, or more courageous than yourself. Love is not admiration.

Nor is tokenism or finding someone who will worship you. The problem with the word is that the concept is so badly misused that it is hardly worth discussing. But I agree that it is a beautiful reality in the pure form.

Sheryl said...

And while I say that love is not the same as admiration, I do think love includes respect. But more of an egalitarian respect.