Monday, November 15, 2004

searching for les mots justes

Does the world need one more blog? I'm torn about this: one one hand, I make my living crafting words; on the other, I feel increasingly that I live in a world where words have lost their meaning and what I say is not what you hear. And yet, the only thing I think that can save us (and by us, I mean we, the peoples of the world) is dialogue. Not monologue. And not cacaphony. And so, before I make a regular habit out of posting here, I want to think about what my responsibility is. And if anyone is out there, I'm open to dialogue.


aqualung said...

Hey lb, I'm returning the favor. But a few things; your url remains as before, so you may need to change that. Also, you might want to check the time of your posts. Blogger does not keep accurate clock time automatically. Anyway, I look forward to bodacious blogging from you!

Bart said...

I am certain the world can use one more intelligent blog. Unfortunately, the value of words has naturally declined as more words become more freely available.

Publishing used to have multiple barriers to entry (among them mercy-less editors ; ) but both alas and joyfully this is no longer the case.

I share your ambivalence. While historically, I have disagreed with much you have said, under that same history I have been provoked in the best sense by every word.

Lots of words per usual that equate to "blog away."