Tuesday, November 16, 2004

In the beginning was the word

And that's the fundamental problem, I think. Fundamentalism of all stripes is firmly anchored, nay cemented, to literal readings of the texts upon which they are based. Thus you wind up with situations in which words that were composed by other human beings who were reacting to their own myths and prejudices have become the arbiters by which millions of people on this earth judge themselves.

I feel myself turning into a French feminist. Language is fluid, not static. Fundamentalism is a phallic interpretation of language--hard and unyielding, whereas life, and the language that we need to live that life, must be fluid enough to accommodate changing experiences.

So fundamentalism is phallocratic, phallocentric, and phallologocentric. And as much as I like cocks, as the great Groucho said, "I take it out of my mouth every now and then." I refuse to speak the language of fundamentalism.


Ric said...

You know, if your words weren't so tragic they would be funny. It is obvious you have no real understanding of Christianity or even fundamentalism. True seekers of truth take the time to study the evidence and make reasoned and informed decisions. The sweeping generalization ("Fundamentalism of all strips is firmly anchored, nay cemented, to literal readings...") is a cop-out. After re-reading this blog, I am beginning to think you are pulling our collective leg. Groucho also said, "From the moment I picked up your book (blog) until I laid it down, I was convulsed with laughter. Some day I intend reading it."

lorraine said...

Well, so much for dialogue.
And, Ric, may I suggest you study a little religious history? I'd be happy to point you to texts by learned religious scholars who discuss the issues of fundamentalism as they manifest in all of the world's religions.
Perhaps you'd like to take a start with that old chestnut,
"Hoc est corpus meum." See just how many fights broke out among Christians as to the meaning of the word "est."
Perhaps you remember Luther and Zwingli?

Ellie15 said...

I agree with you about fundamentalism, Streg. It is the bane of American religion. It's the expression of people who have never gone beyond a purely materialistic viewpoint.

Jesus told us to love God with all our minds, and fundamentalists in generally are unable and/or unwilling to apply their minds in more than an idolatrous attitude toward the words of the Bible.

It is really the refuge of people who are mentally lazy and unwilling to examine religious issues, with a result of such sheer stupidity that they elect a warring administration that is crucifying the Prince of Peace.

Larz Gustafsson said...

I am a Christian fundamentalist and proud of it.
Each building needs a foundation.
And so does the Christian faith.
Our foundation is the Word of God, the Bible.
We' re not ashamed of it.

I'm totally against all kinds of politics. Christians should not be politically involved. I don' t even vote myself.
I' m also a pacifist, which means that I' m against killing people, in war or in peace, born or unborn.