Monday, April 18, 2005

What the Theocrats Want


The Seductiveness of Death

This is what the theocrats in this country want. To lead the female body back to the darkness, to shut us up in the tomb, to deny us our humanity.
I'm haunted by this image.


Anonymous said...

So religion is now rape? Have you considered medication?

lorraine said...

You're clearly a fucking coward--hence the need for anonymity; either engage in honest discussion or go away.

Anonymous said...

OK, call me . . . Bob -- Bill, if you like. (Not everybody has gone to the trouble of getting a blogger account). If you want to stop being a shitty writer, to use your term, try to work without leaning on the crutch of bad language. It lost its shock value a long time ago. I'd say the 60s. It is today the hallmark of a, well, shitty writer.

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